Our Achievements

 Our Achievements




Tech Vision System Ltd. Officially becomes the Huawei Certified Services Partner (4 stars)

Sole Distributor of Blustream products in Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China



Sole Distributor of wePresent Products


New Office in Shenzhen


Caring Company for 5 years


Authorized Distributor of Wepresent




Tech Vision System Ltd.  becomes Huawei Authorized Learning Partner

(with 5 staff awarded as Huawei Certified Network Associate and 3 staff becoming Huawei Certified Systems Instructor)





Tech Vision System Ltd. officially becomes the Huawei Certified Services Partner (3 stars)


Sole Distributor of Creator Conference System product in Hong Kong


Authorized Distributor of REACH products





Authorized Distributor of HUAWEI Video Conferencing products





New Office and Showroom


Having a conference room with all the advanced and innovative technological products




Xaness Project Development


Authorized Distributor of Xaness Digital Signage System


Authorized Distributor of NEC projector


Authorized Supplier of various government department




i3D Interactive Display Solutions Development Projects

i3D Authorized Distributor




Hong Kong ICT Awards 2008 Best Lifestyle Silver Award winner

Setup R&D Centre at Science & Technology Park


Sole Distributor Ubiq Window





Started up on May 2002 in Hong Kong and Shenzhen 


General Inquiry

Tel: (852) 2121 8423
Service Hotline: (852) 3693 4726
China Office Tel: (86) 755 61828601
Website: www.tvs.com.hk
E-mail: info@tvs.com.hk

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