FIFA 2010 Tsing Yi Maritime Square

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has already started the exciting journey.


To celebrate this football grand occasion, MTR Property Management cooperated with Tech Vision System Ltd to build Hong Kong first 200” indoor HD LCD video wall by using 16 pieces of NEC MultiSync X461UN 46” large screen LCD display for the kick-off ceremony in Tsing Yi Maritime Square on 29th May 2010.




Popular stars Huang Xiao Ming and Zhu Mimi were invited as special guests to play games with audience. The ceremony was started with an unprecedented kick-off by Huang to bring Tsing Yi Maritime Square to South Africa. In front of the 200” LCD video wall, not only the large screen is impressive, but also the audience can enjoy watching the football matches in high definition quality.


The event drew attention from media and successfully attracted hundreds of shoppers gathering on different floors to watch the show.



To ensure everything is on schedule, our technical staffs are dedicated to the event from constructing the TV wall mount to testing all the equipment, from designing the flash content shown to monitoring the operating process.


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