HCNA Training Course 2014

HCNA Training Course 2014

The Huawei Certified Network Associate Training (Video Conference) has taken place in the conference room of our company on 14th -18th July in 2014. This training course, taught by our experienced Certified Systems Instructor, validates the knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintanenance of small to medium sized networks. This training course will teach learners basic knowledge of video conference, Huawei Videoconference System as well as Huawei Videoconference Applications including the operation of TE30.

Learners can have group discussion and interact with the instructors during the training course. Learners need to pass a written exam in order to become a Huawei Certified Network Associate.

Photo taken at the end of the training course. We are glad that learners give excellent feedback to the training course conducted by us.

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