TVS Approach



Strategic Consultation

Many of our clients involve us in the early stages of venue development. From our first conversation, we will listen and embrace your goals and work with you to achieve the vision you have for your interactive communication requirements. Our systems integration team will discuss and analyze all the technical, capital and logistical factors of the project.

Design and Engineering

With year of experience, our engineering staffs have designed, engineered, fabricated and installed a wide variety of ICT systems. Our design process begins with a comprehensive needs analysis and finishes with system specific end-user training.

Product Procurement

TVS procure all required equipments from world leading manufactures. Strong partnerships with hundreds of ‘best in class’ manufactures help us control cost, which in turn saves our clients money.


Our team of skilled technicians can install the equipments even in the most demanding of environments. We provide complete project management for modest or highly sophisticated system designs and installations. Allowing TVS to serve in the capacity of a private consultant every step of the way.


TVS are typically shared by a wide variety of people with different levels of technical skills. We strive to deliver systems with a user interface that is user-friendly. Training is an important service that TVS includes in all projects. We provide initial and ongoing training to users. It is our intent that our clients benefit from all of the capabilities of the systems and that users are comfortable using the systems.

Service and Maintenance

TVS technical services department is trained and authorized by our supplier. Our technicians specialize in installation, trouble shooting and equipment repair.

Included in our services and maintenance programs are:

▼ Regular repair and maintenance

▼ Service Maintenance Contract

▼ Specialized preventive maintenance agreements

▼ Extended warranties to protect your investments






General Inquiry

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