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Event Solutions

Our event solutions provides both event organizers and their audiences with wonderful experiences in events. We provide comprehensive event solutions such as video wall, streaming system, interactive mobile app, projector/ audio rental, creative rental, fog screen and so on. The variety of solutions we provide can always meet customers’ expectations in different needs.

Video Wall

A Video Wall consists of multiple computer monitors and professional displays tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. It is usually deployed in large public venues to draw attention of pedestrians. For example, video wall is implemented in retail shops for eye-catching indoor promotion or installed at outdoor to raise awareness.


Maritime Sqaure & Telford Plaza
Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009
 FIFA 2010 Paradise Mall
Creative Seminar
Exhibition Booth
FIFA 2010 Telford Plaza
 FIFA 2010 Tsing Yi World Cup  London Olympic 2012 
London Olympic 2012
Dolce & Gabba
Monte Blonc
Hong Kong Maritime Museum
 Clarence Film Studio


Live Streaming 

Projects: Live Streaming is a real-time broadcasting solution to share activities or events in social media such as Facebook and Youtube. It also enhances interactivity since web users can comment and participate in functions through social media. Online Live Streaming is an influential promotional tool to enlarge your audience base. There is no territory boundary in the Internet and your audience is the whole world.

Nokia Lumia610

Interactive Application

Interactive Application is an software application designed run on interactive devices. With interactive application, interactivity can be enhanced since it connects people and the function. People can be devoted in the activity as they can participate in it through the application.


Maritime Square
Hong Kong Summer Fun 2015


Projector /Audio Rental

Projectors, screens and PA system are necessary to support a successful event. High quality audiovisual solution allows customers to host their activities conveniently and facilitates stunning presentations at an affordable price. Standby service and consultation helps to ensure a smooth performance.


West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre
Business Seminar
Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School
 Hong Kong Football Club 


Creative Rental

Creative equipment is always outstanding and eye-catching to draw people attention from noisy environment with numerous media. We provide touch less solution, 3D holographic, multi-touch technology and interactive projection, which will absolutely create a deep impression on customers. These solutions are widely applicable in exhibitions, promotional functions, store grand opening and product launch.


RTHK Chinese Gold Songs Awards Ceremony
Artist New Album Promotion
Creative Seminar
Exhibition Booth


Fog Screen

Fog Screen produces a thin curtain of ‘dry’ fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that float in the air. People can walk through screen without getting wet. Magical, incredible visual effects and interactive content intrigues the audience.



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