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Product Highlight 




HUAWEI TE30 is an all-in-one HD videoconferencing system with unique voice dialing and Wi-Fi access. Its compact appearance and simplified installation make it an ideal choice for small-and-medium- sized conference rooms.

Elegant all-in-one design, easy to deploy and install

TE30 is a concept system with built-in HD codec, camera, and microphone array. It takes just 1 cable and 5 minutes from unpacking to joining a video conference. Smart design enables TE30 to be wall-mounted, placed on a TV set, or ceiling-mounted with inverted installation.

Video Dialing

TE30 recognizes multiple languages. You can call or join a conference by saying the name of the scheduled conference or the site name.

Wi-Fi Access

Built-in Wi-Fi enables TE30 to support wireless network, microphone.

User-Friendly Interface and Remote-Control Design

Innovative 3D GUI is convenient to use and maintain. LCD display is for real-time local site information.

Next-Generation Technology for Superior HD experience at Lower bandwidth

Supports Video Motion Enhancement (VME) and H.264 HP; saves 50% of bandwidth. Proprietary VME combined with intelligent face recognition and video image processing helps TE30 adapt to different lighting conditions reduce bandwidth consumption, and enhance video quality. Built-in microphone with sound pickup radius is up to 6 m.

Outstanding Network Adaptability and Security Mechanism

Patented Super Error Concealment (SEC) ensures high-quality video experience even with packet loss of 20%. It supports h.264 SVC to adapt to different bandwidths, device capabilities and network requirements. The standard H.460 and proprietary SNP technology guarantee the security of firewall traversal.

Extensive System Integration

TE30 is inter-operable with standard endpoints and infrastructures. It integrates with Microsoft OCS/Lync. It can have seamless integration with IMS. There are plentiful third-party APIs for system integration and customization.

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The WiPG-2000 has a faster SoC and internal memory which greatly increases speed and allround performance for all WePresent users.

The WiPG-2000 incorporates all functions of the WiPG-1000 and all interactive features of the WiPG-1500. Besides this, the WiPG-2000 brings some usefull new features to your wireless presentation environment.

Connect WiPG-2000 to an interactive display or projector and it will create the ultimate wireless and interactive collaboration environment.

Highlighted Features:

Gigabit / POE (power over Ethernet)

WiPG-2000 now supports up to Giga Ethernet to provide more bandwidth when projecting or browsing internet. And user can now power WiPG-2000 through Ethernet port and leave the adapter at office.

1 to Many presentation (* Up to 4)

Allows user to project the same image to up to 4 screens.

PC-less USB Media/Document Player

Simply plug the USB thumb drive into the USB port and start presentation via HID devices or IWB/ touch panel.

Wireless Touch Screen/IWB control (UMT)

Connect your touch screen or IWB onto WiPG-2000 and you can wirelessly interact with the projecting screen on the finger-touch panel.

Video Streaming

WiPG-2000 supports the video streaming feature that PC/Mac can select a video file and stream to the device directly.







WGA-510 Highlight Features

1080P Full HD

Support video output up to 1920x1080 through HDMI and 1600x1200 through VGA interfaces.

UoIP (USB over IP)

Connect touch screen/IWB to WGA-510 by using USB cable to wireless control the touch screen/IWB from PC.

User List

Presenter can select which user to project from standby screen.


Allow audience to use web browser to view the speaker’s slides and save them for taking notes.





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