Who is TVS?


Since 2002, Tech Vision System Ltd. has been established as one of the market-leading providers of Interactive Audio Visual and Information Technology solutions - the most reliable, committed and innovative company standing out in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

Hong Kong‘s leading ICT interactive solutions player

In recent years, TVS has made the transition from a traditional audiovisual (AV) operator to a next-generation provider of interactive media content, applications and system integration services. Moreover, TVS has also expanded its business into Information and Technology (IT) services and solutions. To benefit our customers, we design unique customized solutions for different industries:

  1. Business sector includes listed companies, banking and finance, event productions, retailing, etc.
  2. Non-profit organizations include households, charities, hospitals, universities, primary and secondary schools, etc.
  3. Governmental sector include constitutional Department of HKSAR
    (Details are shown in Our Clients Reference) 

Expert in ICT solutions

TVS has a procedure and system for every task. With professional training, all staffs are required to provide the best jobs on the procedures and tasks that directly affect their roles in conjunction with cross-training component to ensure built-in redundancy.

Using the latest technology and highly skilled staffs, TVS provides complete turnkey solutions. Our expertise and commitment to our clients will ensure a successful outcome for you and your organization.

Expanding business networking into international markets

Since 2002, TVS has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner outside Hong Kong; we connected our business networking throughout major cities in China.

Internationally, we have successfully completed overseas projects. TVS Global provides integrated global information communications technology with our powerful partner networking. (Details are shown in Powerful Partner Networking)


In order to achieve our commitment, we set our target as “visualize ‘your’ impression”. We are striving our best to provide you with the best products and project designs; visualize customers’ impression by the high quality of solutions.

We guarantee to provide the best ICT solutions for all our client’s needs within their budget. We recognize that a successful team requires honesty, loyalty and faith within our company. Also, we are committed to working with our suppliers to achieve this result.

We, Visualize Your Impression.

Tech Vision System Ltd.
November 2002

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