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Queue Management System



A queue management system is used to control queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area.


The system can provide bar code or number to the customer in a result that the customer is recognized by the receptionist in the stage of customer arrival.  Registration can be made through the system of the ticketing kiosk without receptionist. With a text message is received by the customer through the system for notice, it allows customers to have freedom of movement while keeping them be informed of the queuing process.


For Customer, since the ticketing kiosk prints only one ticket number per one service, holding a ticket printed with specified queue number systematically enables customers to be free from stressful long queue.

For Staff, the Queue Management System involves virtual caller which functions to help staffs manage and serve the queue. It recognizes new visiting customer and timely update the queue number and status of the queue per service so as to reduce the amount of stress and optimize the processing of requests.

As a result, the Queue Management System enhances management to keep the business operations at its best performance and efficiency.


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