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SMART Board 8000 series


 Touch-enabled e-LED LCD display

A durable, high quality display that uses smooth, anti-glare glass to create an optimal touch experience. 4K ultra HD resolution is available with the 8084i model.


Multi-tool, multi-touch 

Work naturally by using touch gestures to write and manipulate content or simply pick up a pen or eraser. Two people can interact with content simultaneously.


Object awareness

Functionality automatically adjusts depending on the tool or object being used, whether it’s a pen, finger, eraser or fist.


SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 software (included)

This productivity and collaboration software enables you to collaborate in the 4th dimension by working in the Unbound Workspace to create, share and interact with content.


GoWire auto-launch cable accessory (included)

GoWire allows any computer to quickly connect to the display and access SMART Meeting Pro PE (Personal Edition) software.

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