SMART Board 800 series

SMART Board 800 series


 Multitouch surface with object awareness

SMART’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology tracks and identifies the actions of two users – it recognizes when users switch between a finger, a pen or an eraser. Two people can also write with a pen, erase with their palms or fists and move objects with their fingers independently – without having to press buttons or access on-screen menus.


Freestyle interaction

Two people can instantly start working individually or together to complete actions such as writing in digital ink or moving objects with their fingers. It’s perfect for freestyle collaboration and brainstorming.


Touch gestures

Our interactive displays offer the familiar experience of other touch-enabled devices. They make it easy to work with content in an extraordinarily natural way using simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures, including one- and two-finger navigational gestures like panning and flicking pages, and object gestures like zoom, toss and rotate. They also support touch gestures found in Microsoft Windows 7.


Accessible collaboration features

All the tools you need to interact are right at your fingertips. The pens and eraser are conveniently located at the front of the interactive whiteboard or flat panel, and you can also access buttons to select the color, launch the On-Screen Keyboard and use the right-click and help functions. You can connect USB devices and switch between them easily, and volume controls are located at the front for quick access.


Superior image quality

Each system includes an ultra-short-throw projector that virtually eliminates distracting shadows and glare. These HD-ready projectors display crisp and bright content in 720p resolution for viewers from almost every position in the room.

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