Bee 8 Lecture Sharing System

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Bee 8 Lecture Sharing System


Reach Lecture Sharing System is a powerful system that combines functions of lecture recording, lecture management and lecture publishing. This system can record the entire teaching process and course content, including the image of teacher and presentation and visualizer. With a seamless compatibility with the user account system and LMS/CMS of the school, Reach Lecture Sharing System can easily be integrated into school’s IT system. Recorded contents can be accessed by PC, MAC computer, tablet and smartphone. The whole system makes the learning easier.

Key Features

Easy to Start

-          With front panel control, supports one-button recording.

-          Supports iPad, Central Control System and PC software to start recording.

High Quality Videos

-          Supports the concurrent recording of HD videos up to 1080p and presentation signal, ensuring a high image quality.

USB Storage

-          Records and downloads files to USB devices directly.


-          Supports files playing back on tablet and smartphone.

-          Supports RSS File Publish Notice.

-          Supports LDAP.

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