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The BIAMP amplifiers are built with superior quality and thoughtful engineering. Their MCA series of Multi-Channel Amplifiers lets you bridge channels in pairs for combined power. And all their amplifiers feature short circuit and thermal protection circuitry.

Networked Public Address Systems

Vocia is ideal for small to large scale public address and life safety systems. Whether it’s existing stops, new stations or even future lines, Vocia brings them all together and gives you control over your entire transit system with one easy-to-use set of software tools. You also gain diagnostic system information and the ability to make changes from any workstation, both onsite or remotely. It uses standard IP technologies such as CobraNet to lower the cost and effort of implementing single-site systems, as well as existing IP networks for multi-site installations.

The networked pa system of BIAMP also has a powerful set of configuration tools, meaning zones and worlds are created entirely with the software logically. That means that moves and changes can be made easily without having to relocate hardware.


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