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Huawei TE60 is the top-of-the line HD video conferencing endpoint, offering the largest array of audio/video interfaces and Wi-Fi connection with fully featured multi-view image sending. With robust performance, dual 1080p 60fps video, and AAC-LD audio, it brings lifelike experience to large integrated video conferences.


Innovative technologies provide HD experience with low-bandwidth

TE60 supports resolutions up to dual-stream 1080p 60fps to provide total HD experiences; With the combination of VME2.0 and H.264 HP, bandwidth consumption is as reduced by 50%.


Voice Dialing

TE60 recognizes multiple languages. You can call or join a conference simply by saying the conference or site name.


Live content

More than one site can share full HD content simultaneously, and any site can view any content as needed.



Images from multi-cameras are transmitted in CP to the far-end via one stream which saves bandwidth and enables far-end sites to view live images from different angles.


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