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HUAWEI VP9660 is a cutting-edge MCU with the highest capacity in the industry, flexible ports utilization and high scalability. It is the first MCU in the industry to support up to 1080p60 universal transcoding. Interoperability with various types of endpoints intelligently, VP 9660 delivers users an ultimate videoconferencing experience.


High performance and universal transcoding bring an ultimate experience

The first MCU in the industry supporting 1080p60 universal transcoding provides an ultimate videoconferencing experience for participants H.264 High Profile saves bandwidth by 50%.

AAC-LD realizes CD-quality audio effect and three-channel brings sound localization.

Intelligent transcoding for content sharing across different types of devices.


The Highest Capacity, Easy to Deploy

The highest capacity in the industry, scalable up to 672 ports with universal transcoding.

Multiple modes for firewall traversal, such as H.460, static NAT, video firewall option and SNPTM.

MultipleMethods for conference initiation, such as HUAWEI SiteCallTM, Ad hoc, and web-based scheduling.


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