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By integrating professional technologies in intelligent video analysis and Big Data analytics fields, the Huawei VCM system effectively manages video and evidence related to public security cases, enhances video investigation efficiency and service collaboration capabilities, and helps police officiers to quickly crack cases. 
      Cluster architecture for Big Data, changing on demand 
  • Cluster architecture, ensuring system security, system reliability, and service continuity
  • On-demand resource configuration and elastic expansion, resulting in a linear increase in performance and maximizing customers' return on investment (ROI)
  • Distributed database and retrieval engine, ensuring second-level retrieval and display of massive data
      Centralized data control, collaborative sharing 
  • Allow for users to centrally manage video data by case and implement "collected by one person and shared with all"
  • Video data collection over networks, manual upload of evidence video, long-term storage of picture materials by category, and hierarchical authorization to use the materials 
      Widely compatible video formats, easy-to-use
  • Patent video decoding technology, automatic video encoding format identification and encapsulation, compatible with 95%+ surveillance video
  • Open architecture that supports intelligent plug-in algorithms and applications
  • Soft-ware development kit (SDK) for easy independent software vendor (ISV) integration 
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