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NetCol8000-C in-room chilled water PAC is a cooling terminal used for medium to low power density, medium to large DCs. The NetCol8000-C is usually combined with a chiller, water pump, cooling tower to form a precision DC environment control System. It builds an efficient, reliable, and simple cooling solution. The cooling capacity covers from 62 kW to 253 kW.






Air Direction


Total Cooling Capacity

63.2 kW

126.4 kW

189.6 kW

Sensible Cooling Capacity

51.4 kW

102.8 kW

154.2 kW

Air Flow

13,500 m3/h

27,000 m3/h

40,500 m3/h

Power Supply

380V to 415V/3 Ph/50 Hz, 380V to 415V/3 Ph/60 Hz, 440V to 480V/3 Ph/60 Hz

Water Flow

3.02 liters per second

6.03 liters per second

9.05 liters per second

Water Pressure Drop

62.4 kPa

85.4 kPa

96.0 kPa

Heating Capacity

6 kW

12 kW

12 kW

Humidifier Capacity

5 kg/h

8 kg/h

12 kg/h

Full Load Current

4.7A (15.2A)

8.9A (29.9A)

13.1A (34.1A)

Dimensions: W x D x H

900 mm x 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm

1,800 mm x 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm

2,700 mm x 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm

Net Weight

340 kg

635 kg

930 kg

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