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Huawei NetEco6000 is a data center management system for ISPs, operators, banks, government, large cloud data centers, vertical and financial systems, rail transportation, and other data center management scenarios.


System Capacity

RH2288 simple configuration

RH2288 medium configuration

RH5885 high configuration

500 smart nodes, 20,000 parameters

1,000 smart nodes, 100,000 parameters

5,000 smart nodes, 400,000 parameters

Platform Function

B/S, online help

Networking Solution

IP Networking

Southbound Interface

SNMO, Modbus, etc.

Northbound Interface

SNMP, Web Service, C interface, etc.


Maximum support 20 RS485 communication interfaces or 128 AI/DI access (chosen Independent Deployment AI/DI Module)

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