VGA Encoder (ENC120)

It is used for VGA signal capturing. Utilizing the encoder, the presentation content from PC, electronic board, document camera and other VGA output devices, can be delivered over IP address. it makes VGA content no long be bounded by place. With encoding of H.264, VGA encoder provides with high quality picture, and lower bandwidth occupying. As well as presentation graphic, the audio will be delivered synchronously.

Key features:

  • Encoding – Digitize VGA signal for delivery over UP network, with encoding of H.264

  • High quality pictures – Up to 30 fps encoding, support resolution up to 1400×1500

  • Low delay – deliver video to clients in sub-second

  • Snapshot index – Generate PowerPoint slides snapshot for media file index automatically

  • Support RTSP/TS – Easy to be used in digital signage system and IPTV system

  • Providing SDK – Provide SDK for integrating

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