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Digital Signage Solution



Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows images, information and animations on different interfaces at the same time. This multi-media advertising method will be a highlight of the current Green generation which concerns about our running out resources.


The uniqueness of network digital signage solution lies in its powerful remote management and scalable products which can collaborate with each other to compose versatile combinations corresponded to the requirements of each project.
There are three levels of the Digital Signage solutions to cater to the specific needs of each customer.
Basic Level: Manage each SMP player individually by its web-based user interface via network.
Medium Level: Divide SMP players into groups and control the activities through a CMS server on its web-based user interface.
Advanced Level: Monitor multiple CMS servers or digital signage networks and operate easily on one PC with advanced management software.


Usages Of Digital Signage


The digital signage is more flexible than traditional static signs. It provides an interactive multi-displaying solution to reach target groups, which is widely used in indoor or outdoor venues for advertising, information broadcasting, brand building and entertainment provision purposes.


Using digital signs in a retail environment has many features and benefits not offered by static displays and signage. Dynamic digital signage can grab a customer’s attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase.


It also eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print ad campaigns. Digital signage is instant and offers the ability to change promotions immediately for various products or particular customers. Another advantage of digital displays over static is that retailers can earn money with their digital signage network by selling advertising space to their suppliers.


- Advertising: Retail outlet (in-store digital promotion)


- Information broadcasting: Airport terminals (flight information), Banks (stock price list), Hospitals (queuing system)


- Brand building: Corporate/Brand image promotion


- Entertainment provision: Theaters (new film promotion)



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