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Tech Vision System Ltd. provides potential customers with a comprehensive line of audiovisual and video conferencing or other component project management services. Our project management teams always strive for excellence and the implementation of the projects are entirely compliant with the expectation of our customers under their proposed budgets.

TVS Methodology

1. New Job Order
We will firstly gather new job notes before communicating with our clients in a bid to fully understand their needs as well as their proposed budgets. The project manager will then approve the job orders requested by the clients.

2. Site Assessment and Coordination
The project management team will carry out site evaluation before executing the project in order to ensure the audiovisual systems can be installed and used flawlessly.

3. Project Execution
Our professional project coordinator and team fellows will ensure the project is properly implemented and the quality of work is guaranteed.

4. User Instruction
We will give comprehensive instructions to the customers so that they can master the audiovisual system or video conferencing products well.

5. Documentation
Upon the completion of the job, the project management team will write up training and user manual. All documents related to the project including meeting minutes, product specifications, execution plans and layouts are recorded properly.





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