Huawei IdeaHub



Incorporating intelligent handwriting, HD projection, video conferencing, and the open office AppGallery, the Huawei IdeaHub series is designed for team collaboration in meeting rooms, executive offices, open offices, and many other scenarios.


Advanced Tech and Sleek Design                                                                                             

  • Modern, user-centric design
  • Screwless, all-in-one design
  • Slender, stylish stand

Interactive Whiteboard    
  • Ultra-low writing latency of just 35 ms
  • Intelligent handwriting recognition
  • Two-way annotation and easy meeting minutes sharing

Advanced Video Conferencing  
  • Built-in WeLink conferencing    
  • H.265, 1080p conferencing
  • 4K, 30fps smooth projection

AI in All Scenarios  
  • Acoustic baffle and far-field sound pickup and beamforming
  • Speaker tracking and name tags
  • Multi-modal conference minutes

Cloud Ecosystem  
  • HD AppGallery with 170+ apps
  • Enterprise profiles for digital marketing
  • Software and hardware openness


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