Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Huawei Safe City Solution applies a comprehensive public security video surveillance platform to video surveillance resources from public security departments and other sources. This solution provides real-time urban surveillance and surveillance video query services. Police "cyber pursuit" is facilitated using real-time, space-based surveillance services for accurate tracing and analysis in combating crimes and securing the public environment. 

Solution Overview

Real-time Information Access:

Police and public video surveillance resources can be obtained using the video access gateway. Users can access, query, and remotely monitor dynamic surveillance information in real-time.

Intelligent Video Assistant:

By quickly querying and using EID system and intelligent devices to analyze a wide range of resources, users can accurately trace people, vehicles, and crimes in progress.

Quick and Accurate Detection

Based on GIS, and three-dimensional, real-time video surveillance, users can visibly monitor and deal with criminal activities as they happen.


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