Network PA System

 Network PA System



 The Network PA System of DSPPA, which is compatible with intranet or internet, has been validated by and applied in EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA. The PA System not only applies network (digital) transmission but also wireless terminal extension. It can cover a large area and achieve hierarchical management.

Aside from this, the network PA system is highly reliable and stable since all control hosts and sub-hosts can be operated with dual-standby redundancy configuration, automatically turned into every spare host. Even if the network collapses, the sub-hosts can still run smoothly.

The feature of full-touch operation also makes its interfaces user-friendly. During the EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA, the network system host MAG5182 is operated by the touch pads and the touch screen.

It has strong applicability that the network system can use existing WAN network of the sites to achieve multi-network integration, instead of a separate private Cobranet.







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